Sunday, 17 November 2013

Summer Photos

 Leather Jacket - similar/sheinside
Skirt - primark 
Creepers - ebay 
Baseball tee - vintage 
Crop top - asos
Skirt - asos/similar
Photos that I took over the summer, sorry I haven't posted any pictures in a while but I guess I've been busy at college and things. I'm going to try and take more pictures and take my camera out more so hopefully have some more photos on here! :)

hope you like the post.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

I've become so numb

Leather Jacket - zara/similar 
Shirt - vintage 
Lace Top - topshop/similar 
Haven't posted a pictures in agesss! ahh but yeahh i was wearing creepers with these outfits not that you can them also wearing a super cool hat but you cant see that very well either :') new dip dye and shit hehe yeahh thanks for looking :3 <3

also follow me on lookbook this look is there too! :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane

Ahh sorry that the first couple of pictures are blurry i cropped them sin hehe :') everything i'm wearing here is new stuff that i brought in the sales :3 hehe the shorts and the jacket are the best thing i've ever brought EVER! love the blazer more then anything at the moment hehe yay! <3 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Photo Dairy 'Christmas'

Got a new camera for Christmas and here are just a few random shots a took :3 i had the best Christmas ever! i hope you did too! sorry i haven't in ages but the weather is just horrible and i cant get any nice shots inside :c i brought loads of new clothes from the sales, i brought the hat in the first pictures and the tartan legging which i love!! couple random shots of my face haha, i also got new creepers for Christmas yaayy! the last picture i took was taken on Christmas day, sorry for my naked face haha thanks for reading  <3 xx