Monday, 26 November 2012

Clowns To the Left Of Me, Jokers To the Right

Ahh been trying to upload this post all day haha!! blogger keeps saying I've ran out of space? if anyone could help me with that, that would be great !! anyways back to the outfit this look if super casual and comfy, loving my new jumper, i looked eveywhere in the womans section for a jumper like this but i couldn't find one and then i went to the mens section and found loads of them!! haha :3 the shorts were actually jeans that i just cut, i love them they're soo comfy hehe thanks for reading :)

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Sunday, 25 November 2012


This is such a random post haha :L i haven't taken any fashion posts lately and i've had these for a while, i took them for a model thingy that i did on tumblr :3 and then i just used soon simple edits to move them around and thats about it hehe 

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Love Is Our Weapon

Ahh i moved around sooo much trying to find good lighting but the weather is not on my side today :') haha anyways this outfit is super comfy and casual, love the Gothic rock n roll vibe it gives off and the wedges are sooo comfy i could wear them for like ever! i wouldn't say the pictures are the best quailty :/ i hope they're are okay let me know! :D

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Don't Wake Me Up Because I Hate Who I Am Today

It was raining today so i took pictures inside, please excuse the background :') sorry that the pictures look kind weird its just that i add a vintage a effort and it adds this rough looking kinda texture, anyways the outfit i wanted to show of this vintage shirt because i just think its sooo awesome its got green and blue at the front and pink at the back its better for the hotter days but i can add it under layers and stuff :3 also i haven't worn these shoes much so i thought to myself what would go with this shirt and shoes and this is what i came up with hehe

Tell me what you think :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

So this time I'll make you proud...

Sorry i know i've posted twice in one day but i wasn't quite happy with the last post even though i love the outfit but pictures aren't very good on my iphone :o hopefully getting a new camera for Christmas :3 anyways back to the outfit these new creepers came today and i just had to take pictures with them hope you like it! :) 

Lonely, Lonely, Undefined

Ahh its sooo cold today! so i just added the black hoddie under the camo jacket i do it with everything when it gets cold. I'm love these socks i think they're just sooo cute! and i think they look better in person and ahh they're just awesome hehe. The lace collar that i'm wearing here is new got it off ebay it was super cheap and i love it xD anyways i have loads of clothes that i've not even worn yet haha so i can't wait to make fashion outfits out of them!! hehe have a nice day <3 and thank you for reading

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

"Ever Since I Can Remember, I Always Wanted To Be A Gangster"

Another post with my velvet leggings haha :L i just love them soo much and they go with everything! hehe anyways this outfit is super casual and its getting a little colder now in the UK sooo i think this outfit is perfect :D its my day off tomorrow so i might take another fashion picture hehe

let me know what you think :D hehe <3

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Favourite Bands

I know this isn't a fashion post but i love fashion and i love music! sooo sometimes i might do music posts about what music i'm listening to atm and stuff like that :) i would really like it if you told me if you like it or not because i'm not sure :') haha anyways these are album covers from some of my favourite albums, so i'll list the artists then the album and then say what my favourite songs are off that album :D

1. NEVERSHOUTNEVER - harmony - all of them!!
2. THE MAINE  - pioneer - misery, take me dancing
3. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS  - with ears to see and eyes to hear -if i'm james dean you're audery hepburn (my favourite song ever!), you kill me in a good way, with ears to see and eyes to hear
4. DEAF HAVANA - fools and worthless lairs - the past six years, i will try, little white lies, anemophobia, I'm a bore mostly, hunstanton pier
5. THE MAINE - can't stop won't stop - we all roll along, everything i ask for, whoever she is, girls do what they want, i must be dreaming, into your arms, time to go, this is the end, count'em one two three, kiss and sell, haha sorry thats like the full album apart from two i think :')
6. TWIN ATLANTIC - free - time for you to stand up, yes i was drunk, free, crash land, make a beast myself, eight days, we want better man,
7. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS - lets cheers to this - do it now remember it later, if you can't hang, four corners two sides, lets cheers to this, who are you now (favourite song atm)
8. YOUNG GUNS - bones - bones, i was born i have lived i will surely die, you are not

Leave a comment I really want to know what you think and sorry this post has lots of writing i just love music soo much and i believe it can help you through anything! :3

You Made Me Hate My Own Reflection

Sorry for the random picture at the start of and end of this post haha i started taking pictures inside but it just wasn't working for me so i went outside :) and i just wanted to do something different with space one and i quite like it :D hehe anyways back to the outfit, this is something i would wear if i was going to a party or some kind of meal because i'm not really into dressing up lots so i think this is pretty fancy and still shows of my style :)

Ohh and i've got another fashion post but i'm not sure if i'm going to post it because i'm wearing my velvet leggings and i think three outfit posts where i'm wearing them is just a bit too much haha

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RIP Mitch Lucker