Sunday, 6 January 2013

Photo Dairy 'Christmas'

Got a new camera for Christmas and here are just a few random shots a took :3 i had the best Christmas ever! i hope you did too! sorry i haven't in ages but the weather is just horrible and i cant get any nice shots inside :c i brought loads of new clothes from the sales, i brought the hat in the first pictures and the tartan legging which i love!! couple random shots of my face haha, i also got new creepers for Christmas yaayy! the last picture i took was taken on Christmas day, sorry for my naked face haha thanks for reading  <3 xx


  1. omg I love your style <3 I follow you :) I hope you visit my blog

    1. awhh thank you :) sorry it took me sooo long to reply ahh :o but i love your blog and i'm now following :)


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