Saturday, 3 November 2012

Favourite Bands

I know this isn't a fashion post but i love fashion and i love music! sooo sometimes i might do music posts about what music i'm listening to atm and stuff like that :) i would really like it if you told me if you like it or not because i'm not sure :') haha anyways these are album covers from some of my favourite albums, so i'll list the artists then the album and then say what my favourite songs are off that album :D

1. NEVERSHOUTNEVER - harmony - all of them!!
2. THE MAINE  - pioneer - misery, take me dancing
3. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS  - with ears to see and eyes to hear -if i'm james dean you're audery hepburn (my favourite song ever!), you kill me in a good way, with ears to see and eyes to hear
4. DEAF HAVANA - fools and worthless lairs - the past six years, i will try, little white lies, anemophobia, I'm a bore mostly, hunstanton pier
5. THE MAINE - can't stop won't stop - we all roll along, everything i ask for, whoever she is, girls do what they want, i must be dreaming, into your arms, time to go, this is the end, count'em one two three, kiss and sell, haha sorry thats like the full album apart from two i think :')
6. TWIN ATLANTIC - free - time for you to stand up, yes i was drunk, free, crash land, make a beast myself, eight days, we want better man,
7. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS - lets cheers to this - do it now remember it later, if you can't hang, four corners two sides, lets cheers to this, who are you now (favourite song atm)
8. YOUNG GUNS - bones - bones, i was born i have lived i will surely die, you are not

Leave a comment I really want to know what you think and sorry this post has lots of writing i just love music soo much and i believe it can help you through anything! :3


  1. Like your blog! Want to check out mine? :) xx

    1. awhh thanks and yeahh i checked it out its nice :D hehe

  2. I love NeverShoutNever ! :)

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana


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